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Teresa Todd
Point of View Communications
April 23, 2011

Like Walls: Does it dilute your brand?

Trending in social media are Like walls, whereby a brand’s Facebook landing page requires an obligatory "Like” before access to the main page is granted. And why would someone "Like” a page if a nexus to that brand doesn’t already exist? It’s usually because the brand is offering incentives or another compelling reason.

Christopher Heine in his article "Want This Facebook Offer? Better 'Like' Us First” poses the question as to whether this tactic dilutes the brand’s fan base.

So is "fan-gating” the one-night stand equivalent of social media? It certainly could be but, then again, it might just be a way for savvy marketers to megaphone messages out to a larger public and create meaningful relationships.  

Sure, some will unlike you right away after they’ve achieved the incentive (not every one-night stand is epic) but for those who stick around to smell the morning coffee, it’s a chance to make a good second impression. In other words, you’ve got their attention so give them a reason to stay and engage with your brand.


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